Attain Expertise In Playing The Hungry Shark Evolution With Economy

hungry shark evolution

As you move up the levels of the Hungry Shark Evolution, you will want to know the tricks of playing the game so that you emerge the winner without having to face fatalities that are associated with the increase in levels. The 3D animations are surely invigorating to carry out the attack with the clear graphics and also the tingling sound of the creatures and the humans’ shrill cries on being devoured.

Well if you are all game for it move on with the resources that you have and make prudent use of them to make the right strategies to rip apart your enemies with the killer Sharks. After you have overcome the initial survival stages and collected some amount of resources, make use of them to let your Shark grow and open to the next level. If you have to get more resources in the game, then you may buy them easily from the in-app purchase feature in the game, but for that you will have to pay real money for that, I have heard about some sites who claims that they by using hungry shark world hack, they can download resources in bulk. But i haven’t tried them yet and will sure give them a try.

The basic thrust of the game is that your Shark has to devour as many creatures as possible and gain the maximum allotted points and thus the coins in that level so that you can transit to the next. Each level has some specific creatures that the Shark has to devour that is called the Mission. Once you can fulfill a mission successfully and earn all the points, there will be a brief Gold Rush where all the edible creatures will turn into gold and eating as many of them will further give you more coins.

Apart from the eating of the creatures, there are also sunken objects that you have to discover to get the full quota of the points. In all the game has fifteen sunken objects that you can discover. Once you have chosen a mission, the best thing that you can do before you launch out is to take a hard look at the map so that you know where to find what. For example, the Anglers and the Gulpers earn a lot of points, and they are to be found on the right side of the map in their cave.

When you have the Hammerhead as your partner, there is a lot of excitement eating the crabs, sardines, and the stingrays among others. The basic to winning more points is the fast pace at which your Shark will have to devour to get more stamina to evolve into a stronger and fierce being. The Hammerhead has a large mouth that will enable it to eat a large number of the creatures to give you maximum points.

Play with your Tiger Shark and allow it to evolve into the Great White Shark to the next level so that you do not have to splurge on your resources or invest a lot of real money into playing the game. The Great White can do wonders with it’s amazing ability to attack submarines, eat humans on the shore and also combat the crabs and devour them all. It can lift the fishing boat out of the water and use it to knock off the sailor and earn maximum points. Finally, you have the awesome Megalodon with which you can combat the three Giant Crabs and the Subs to win the final battle.

Attain Expertise In Playing The Hungry Shark Evolution With Economy

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